A leader is a person of influence and every one of us has circles of influence at home, work and our communities - YOU ARE A LEADER!  Leaders do more than merely point people to the right direction; they empower them to do the job and to succeed. Delegating authority without resources does not automatically empower others. Growing people is a pressing demand with real-world implications. An individual or organisation that’s not investing in themselves can exhibit all sorts of unhealthy symptoms, whereas leaders that grow and grow their people, reap the rewards of high morale and teamwork. Elev8 offers events that allow people to grow personally, professionally, spiritually and be empowered to take their jobs or ministry to a higher level. These include:


  • Breakfasts
  • Seminars and Workshops – teaching and practicums
  • Roundtables
  • Conferences
  • Retreats
  • Fundraisers


Events are generational and interdenominational with the ability to teach and train larger groups with no ongoing commitment required by participants. Our focus is on exposure to proven local, national and international equippers that assist in the development of specific personal, vocational or ministry areas to empower 360 degree leadership and provide a forum for networking.

If we only look at our life as a race with our own finish line, we’ve missed the point. It is a relay race and our whole mission should be to pass the baton without dropping it. The highest function of a leader is not just to lead others, but produce leaders who can lead others.


Upcoming Events

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Growth Programs


Facilitator Training

A leadership development tool.

6 week Course

Tues 7 Aug to 11 Sep
7pm - 9:30pm

Cost: $60 pp & 10% concession discount plus $25 trainee manual


The Power of A Woman's Words

Your words have the power to change the course of a day ... or a life
6 Week Course
Tues 7 Aug to 11 Sep
7pm - 9pm

Cost: $55 pp & 10% concession discount plus $10 handouts



Where: Elev8 Unit 1/25 Page Road, Kelmscott





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