We intentionally create opportunities for one-on-one connections as we believe that life-giving relationships are important for the emotional, spiritual and personal growth of any individual. Nobody should ever feel alone or unloved in this world and through connection we come alongside to unconditionally love and value others. 

Volunteer training is provided for those in recovery with a focus on building self-esteem and skills to assist in work placement. Elev8 is a registered not-for-profit organisation with Centrelink for individuals to volunteer as part of their Mutual Obligation Requirements.


Whether you are a person in business, volunteer or stay at home you were created to be successful and to be an influence in your home, place of work and community. 
Through one-on-one consults, counselling, short term coaching or longer term mentoring; we seek to bring restoration; identify skills and purpose and encourage growth. Every person has something to offer through intentional relationship. Our team includes those who have walked through a particular situation being able to walk with someone else who is in a similar circumstance.
Our programs are highly adaptable to each person’s needs and schedules, providing a flexible yet effective way to invest in and equip individuals to go from one level to another. Unable to do everything, we will do our utmost to help find and connect individuals to appropriate services to meet their needs. 


Engage is the first solution that provides step-by-step tools to enable you to manage matters effectively through your life so why not choose to embark on a life-changing journey.


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