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Whether you graduated this year or many years ago don’t let that be the end of your learning journey. Abraham Lincoln said, “I don’t think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” If you embrace learning, you’ll keep growing and you’ll be able to perform to your potential throughout life.


Small groups operate within a term and provide fellowship and mutual support for an individual’s journey, avenues for personal growth and spiritual development that strengthen our community and provide ways in which we may serve. Working with groups enables us to make a difference for so many more people at one time and yet be as diverse as the interests and needs of each person. It further allows us to be available in different locations and work in conjunction with other organisations, ministries and churches as well as assist in developing their own resources and training in areas of:


Recovery Groups – help people regain control of their lives and provide answers to the root issues that keep them from being all they were created to be. They offer support in a safe environment and with skilled facilitators, operate at a deeper level than most support groups.


Growth Groups – provide issue-related support (depression, addictions, anger), as well as life-stage instruction (marriage, parenting, finances, etc.) and vision for every individuals distinctive purpose.


Study Groups – topical & Biblical studies assist participants to internalise and make application of scriptural truths in a powerful way as parent, spouse, businessman, leader etc. in every area of their lives and relationships. The small group leader may take either a teacher or facilitator approach.


Prayer Groups – have intercessory prayer and worship as their main focus. We also aim to teach and provide practical training so that participants can be equipped for prayer ministry in a church or marketplace context.


We support your success by equipping you to take small group teachings and apply them to your life, your team and your organisation for greater accomplishments than we have ever known.

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If one of the courses is not currently on offer, please register your interest online and let us know your preferred dates and times.


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